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Ultra-High-Pressure Adapters and Tubing – For a fast and safe connection

The SPIR STAR® ultra-high-pressure adapters and tubing offer flexible connecting and adapting possibilities for applications with liquid and gaseous media in the Oil & Gas and Hydraulics areas and the Water-Blasting industry.

All ultra-high-pressure adapters and tubes are made of cold-formed AISI316 stainless steel to adapt to the high temperatures and pressures that are typical of the application

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High-Pressure Fittings

SPIR STAR® high-pressure fittings seal with a 60 degree cone and are rated for working pressures up to 4.140 bar / 60.000 psi.
Common Description
Actual Thread Dimension
HP 1/4" 9/16"x18UNF
HP 3/8" 3/4"x16UNF
HP 9/16" 1 1/8"x12UNF


High-Pressure Bulkheads (Metric) - including Collars and Gland Nuts
Part Number
Max Pressure
Bulkhead coupling M30x
4.000 bar / 58.000 psi

All ultra-high-pressure adapters and tubes are available with different thread types and suitable for working pressures ranging from 690 to 4.140 bar (10.000 to 60.000 psi)

The standard thread types of the adapters include:

  • JIC
  • NPT
  • Medium-Pressure (MP)
  • High-Pressure (HP)
  • Type M
  • Sealing cones (metric & inch)

Combination possibilities:

  • Male x male
  • Female x female
  • Female x male

The standard thread types of the tubing include:

  • Medium Pressure (MP)
  • High Pressure (HP)


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