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Hydraulic Hoses for Highest Pressure

SPIR STAR ® thermoplastic high-pressure hoses are developed and produced for high working pressures up to 1.800 bar (26.100 psi at safety factor 4:1). The hydraulic hoses are extremely durable and very flexible.

Higher Pressure in Connection with Greater Flexibility

SPIR STAR® hydraulic hoses are always used when the tubing has to withstand very high pressure and must be particularly flexible at the same time.

The SPIR STAR ® hydraulic hose in use

Thermoplastic high-pressure hoses of the brand SPIR STAR® are used worldwide in various industries. The hydraulic hose is particularly effective in use at enormously high-pressure in combination with very high flexibility. Some of the applications for our hydraulic hoses are e.g. autofrettage, hydroforming, hydraulic assembly presses, dismantling of ball bearings and torsion-free fastening of screwed connections (bolt-tensioning).

Innovative hydraulic hose - Weight reduction and aging

With up to 50% less weight than comparable rubber hoses, a much smaller bend radius at maximum flow and a high ozone, UV light and aging resistance, SPIR STAR® hydraulic hoses meet all the requirements demanded in high-pressure hydraulics.

One hydraulic hose - lots of different colors

Especially in the field of hydraulics, we have thermoplastic high-pressure hoses in different colors. In addition to standardized hydraulic hoses, we also provide double hoses on request and you will receive a custom signature for purchase of lot sizes.

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