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HT®-Series: Ultra-High-Pressure Hoses

The SPIR STAR® thermoplastic hose of their HT®-Series is specially developed for thermal and chemical resistance -for HP/HT (high-pressure/high temperature) applications. A thermoplastic high pressure hose in reference quality.

PVDF inner core and outer cover - unique in thermoplastic hose

The ultra high-pressure hoses series - HT®-series - were developed specifically for the high demands of the HP / HT (high pressure / high temperature) applications. Both the inner core and the outer cover of the hose assemblies are made of PVDF, a material that sets the standard in terms of heat- and chemical resistance worldwide.

To achieve the required working pressures of these high-pressure hoses, up to 6 layers of high tensile spring-steel wire are spiralized as a pressure support.

SPIR STAR® thermoplastic high-pressure hose suitable for handling aggressive chemicals

This unique combination of materials are, particularly suitable for methanol-service applications, for handling aggressive chemicals and wherever an extremely low permeation rate is required.

A thermoplastic hose for extreme heat resistance and length of production up to 4.500 m

All types of hoses from the HT-Series are heat-resisting up to 150°C (300°F) and available with working pressures up to 1.035 bar (15.000 psi safety factor of 4:1). Upon request, our thermoplastic high-pressure hose can be supplied in long lengths (for example 6/4HT – 4.500 m) as they are required for Offshore Umbillicals).

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