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An individual supply of high-pressure hoses is possible and offers an alternative to HT®-Series - from the high-pressure hose to Ultra-High-Pressure Hose in the usual high SPIR STAR® quality.

Innovative high pressure hose - High quality combination of PVDF and PA

The PPA®-Series combines the advantages of chemical-resistant PVDFs as inner core material and the proven polyamide as the material of the outer cover. The permeation rate in methanol applications is as low as in our HT®-Series. All hoses are suitable for applications up to 80°C (176 ° F) and working pressures up to 1.035 bar (15.000 psi at safety factor of 4:1).

Upon request, the high-pressure hoses are available in long lengths (e.g. 6/4PPA - 4.500 m) as they are required for Offshore Umbillicals.

Looking for a specific high-pressure hose or ultra-high-pressure hose? Use the product search or send a product inquiry.