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Waterblast Hose and Waterblast Technology

For water-blasting SPIR STAR® recommends thermoplastic high-pressure hoses reinforced with spiralized high-tensile steel. 
SPIR STAR® offers water-blast hoses with a maximum working pressure of up to 4.000 bar (58.000 psi at safety factor of 2,5:1).

For water-blast industry, SPIR STAR® provides hoses with 2-, 4-, 6- and 8 layers tested at working pressure ratings of up to 4.000 bar.

The top sellers in this area include the following types of hoses:

  • 5mmUHP Inner hose diameter 4.5mm Working pressure rating 3.200 bar (46.400 psi)
  • 6mmUHP Inner hose diameter 5.8mm Working pressure rating 3.200 bar (46.400 psi)
  • 8mmUHP Inner hose diameter 7.6mm Working pressure rating 3.200 bar (46.400 psi)
  • 13/2WR Inner hose diameter 12.8 mm Working pressure rating 1.040 bar (15.080 psi)

Comprehensive know-how derived from their numerous years of experience

SPIR STAR® has many years of experience in the manufacture of hose assemblies used in high-pressure water-blast applications. This know-how is used specifically for the development and production of hose assemblies.

Multiple applications of water-blasting hoses

Hose assemblies made by SPIR STAR® are used e.g. for sewer cleaning, pipe cleaning and cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers, water-jet cutting, concrete refurbishment as well as for surface cleaning of any kind. For these complex and demanding tasks, its product range provides a wide selection of hose types and special hose fittings.

Long service life - The water-blast hose DuraLife Flex®

The approved and tested DuraLife Flex® high-tech hose is the ideal hose to use in pipe cleaning applications. Its special manufacturing process greatly reduces abrasion of the cover, thus increasing the service life of the hose assembly.

Ultra-High-Pressure - The water-blast hose for maximum pressure

The hose types of the UHP®-Series (Ultra-High-Pressure) are used up to 3.200 bar (46.400 psi). High-pressure combined with a maximum flow rate ensures a fast and optimum cleaning result.

Matching fittings - Designed specifically for water-blasting hoses

The OnePiece Fittings® and the Blast-Pro® fitting series were specifically developed for use in small-ID tubes which can e.g. be found in heat exchangers. Compared to standard fittings, these fittings are considerably shorter, which makes tube cleaning with bends easier. Another advantage is the fact that the crimping of the sleeve only negligibly enlarges the hose OD.  As a result, hose types with a larger inner diameter permitting higher volumetric flow can be used. 

Looking for a specific high-pressure hose or ultra-high-pressure hose? Use the product search or send a product inquiry.