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Company Information

SPIR STAR® AG is a specialist in the production of high-pressure hoses with a spiralized support made of high-tensile steel wires for use in a pressure range of 250 to 4.000 bar (5.800 to 58.000 psi).

SPIR STAR® Druckschläuche AG: The firm from 1981 until today

SPIR STAR® AG, headquartered in Rimbach-Mitlechtern, is your specialist for the manufacture of thermoplastic ultra-high-pressure hoses with spiralized steel-wire reinforcement for a working pressure range of 250 to 4.000 bar (5.800 to 58.000 psi) and inner diameters ranging from 3 to 32 mm.

The company began in 1981 as part of PAPUREX GmbH in Mörlenbach-Mumbach. At that time, the company manufactured its ultra-high-pressure hoses using special machinery the company had designed and built itself. The hoses were sold under the brand name of SPIR STAR®. Production grew so rapidly that in the year 1987 the company relocated to a new production site in nearby Mörlenbach. Due to continued growth, the division of thermoplastic ultra-high-pressure hose production was spun off completely in the year 1989 and SPIR STAR® Druckschläuche GmbH was founded.

The company’s internationalisation and thus increasing demand eventually enabled the company to relocate to its present facility in the year 2001. Since then, ultra-high- pressure hoses have been produced with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and the hoses have become a staple in the Waterblast, Hydraulics, Oil & Gas and Automotive industries. In addition to this, the continuous development of new and innovative hose types ensures the company’s sustainable presence in its relevant markets.

For more than 30 years, SPIR STAR® has been offering premium product quality – Made in Germany – combined with forward-looking innovation and outstanding customer service.



A two-minute insight into the company SPIR STAR AG in Rimbach-Mitlechtern. An international leader in the manufacture of thermoplastic ultra-high-pressure hoses with spiralized reinforcement made of steel wire suitable for pressures ranging from 250 to 4,000 bar and with inner diameters ranging from 3 mm to 32 mm.

Get an impression of the corporate culture and the production of the medium-sized company existing since 1989.

The world market

The company’s orientation towards global markets at an early stage resulted in the creation of a world-wide sales network of SPIR STAR® AG and made a major contribution to the company’s positive development. 

SPIR STAR® made the first step into the global market in the year 1991 with the foundation of SPIR STAR® France S.A.S. in Haguenau, with a focus on the markets in Southern Europe.

To be able to develop the American continent as well and to meet increasing world-wide demand, SPIR STAR® Ltd. in Houston, Texas was established just four years later.

With the foundation of SPIR STAR® Asia Pte Ltd. in Singapore in 1999, the company paved the way for access to the Asian market and, with this additional sales company, marked another milestone towards better service quality and global presence. 

Since its foundation in 2014, SPIR STAR® Fluid Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been serving especially the Chinese market, increasing local customer loyalty.

The sales companies, which have been independent since the very beginning, are operating very successfully in the market today and build the link between SPIR STAR® AG and its customers.

SPIR STAR® customers

Since its foundation, the company’s customer base has mainly included enterprises operating in the high-pressure Waterblasting industry. Through ongoing investments into research and development, the company’s product range has kept growing and it has been able to produce completely new hose types. Thanks to this combination of variety and innovation, SPIR STAR® has gained more and more customers from the Oil & Gas, Automobile, Machine-Building, ultra-high-pressure Hydraulics industries and hydrogen.

Working Together as Partners

Intensive cooperation as a partner of its customers and representative is part of SPIR STAR® AG’s corporate philosophy.  SPIR STAR® AG works closely with numerous partners in various countries and continents. Thanks to this effective cooperation, each of the company’s customers is provided excellent service, in-depth consultation and short lead times – world wide.