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Research and Development

Our expert engineering staff is continually improving our product range and enabling us to meet the present and future demands of the market.
Extensive know-how derived from numerous years of experience

The ongoing further development of SPIR STAR® hose types and fittings is one of the most important tasks to meet present and future market requirements. Experts from a number of different fields are committed to the extension and continuous improvement of its product range. SPIR STAR® makes use of its many years of experience in the production of hose assemblies specifically for the development and manufacture of products.  Due to close contact with the customer, SPIR STAR®’s products and services always take the customer’s needs into account, which is enabled by a high flexibility and fast response.

Continuing Development and proven Quality

But before any newly developed products are released for sale, they undergo a stringent test procedure. All products are manufactured to standards and subjected to a quality control: This ensures a reliable product that has been tested for safety.