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Quick Disconnect Couplers for Ultra-High Pressure Applications

A wide selection of quick disconnect coupler varieties suitable for working pressures of up to 2.070 bar (30.000 psi).

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Your request ' Quick Disconnects | Push/ Pull Type Quick Disconnect | NPT | Female | Nipple | up to 1.920 bar/21.750 psi ' brought 2 results.
Push/Pull Type Quick Disconnects (no check valve) - Waterblast Service
Part Number
Max Pressure
1/2” NPT Female Push/Pull Quick Disconnect Nipple
690 bar / 10.000 psi
Quick Release Coupler (with check valves) including Dust Caps - Hydraulic Service
Part Number
Max Pressure
High pressure nipple 1/4" NPT female for QRC-0-NF4-21K
1.500 bar / 21.750 psi

No matter what your industry is: SPIR STAR®’s great variety of quick disconnect couplers offers solutions across industries.

  • Screw-type connect / disconnect (without check valve)
  • Screw-type connect / disconnect (with check valve) – Hydraulics industry
  • Quick disconnect coupler (without check valve) – Water-blasting industry
  • SPC quick disconnect coupler with check valve, female
  • SPC quick disconnect nipple with check valve
  • SPC quick disconnect nipple without check valve


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