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Ultra-High Pressure Valves – From 690 to 4.140 bar (10.000 to 60.000 psi)

SPIR STAR®’s ultra-high-pressure valves have been specially developed for applications with liquid and gaseous media in the Oil & Gas and Hydraulics areas.

All valves are made of cold-formed AISI316 stainless steel to adapt to the high temperatures and pressures that are typical of the application.

Our Products

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Two Way Needle Valves - Medium-Pressure - 10K - including Collars and Gland Nuts
Part Number
Max Pressure
9/16” MP Female Air Operated 2-Way Straight Needle Valve, Normally Closed
690 bar / 10.000 psi

SPIR STAR® ultra-high pressure valves are available as several different versions including needle-, ball- and check valves with a great variety of thread types. They are suitable for maximum working pressures of up to 4.140 bar (60.000 psi).

Repair kits for valves as well as stainless steel handles are available upon request.

The needle valves are available as 2-way and 3-way straight valves and as angle valves.

The check valves are available with an O-ring (soft seat) or a ball seat.

The range of threads of the ultra-high pressure valves includes NPT-, MP- and HP connections.

  • Needle Valve
max. 4.140 bar (60.000 psi) working pressure
  • Ball Valve
max. 1.380 bar (20.000 psi) working pressure
  • Check Valve
max.  4.140 bar (60.000 psi) working pressure


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