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In addition to hoses and fittings, SPIR STAR® offers a wide range of accessories.
  • PUR kink-protection sleeves
    Avoids a kink between the fitting and the hose, which will increase the working life of the hose.
  • Hose securing grips
    Prevents a separation of the hose from the connection and the resulting “whipping” of the hose. The result is greater safety for the operator.
  • Protective hose covers (with and without supporting spirals)
    These are used to protect the main hose from abrasion, and thereby increase the working life of the hose.
  • Bend restrictors

  • High-pressure connectors

  • Adapters

  • Gland nuts and collars

Kink-protection sleeves, protective hose covers, and hose securing grips can make important contributions to safety, and can also lengthen the working life of your hoses.

For SPIR STAR®, “Safety is always first“.

For further information, please see our catalogue.

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