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Corporate Barbecue 2022 review

After two years of pandemic, SPIR STAR® AG was able to put its planned barbecue into action on June 25, 2022. The corporate party is primarily held to thank the employees and families for the work they have done over the past few years.

In addition to drinks and grilled food, a plant tour was also offered to give family members an insight into the various work areas. In addition, a foosball table and a racing simulator were available to spur visitors on to beat their respective best times.

We also provided activities for the little ones. Among other things, a bouncy castle, a ball pit and a basketball hoop were available, which all put huge smiles on the children’s faces.

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Nous sommes la société SPIR STAR®

La société SPIR STAR® AG est synonyme non seulement d’une qualité optimale de produit dans le domaine des tuyaux haute pression en thermoplastique, entièrement fabriqués en Allemagne, mais également d’une entreprise familiale de taille moyenne et active à l’échelle mondiale.

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