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Trainees are successful!

Finally it’s done!

After months of learning, SPIR STAR® AG trainees have successfully passed their training!
In addition to the school challenges, they have already supported our departments in their daily work in recent years.

SPIR STAR® AG congratulates Dominik Schuch on his successful apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastics technology.
In the future, he will work in hose extrusion, where he was able to gain initial experience during his training.

SPIR STAR® AG also congratulates Alina Strecker, Elena Schofeld, Eric Pinto and Laurenz Hess on their successful training as industrial clerks!

During their training, the apprentices gained insights into both production processes and commercial professions. This allowed them to build a deep understanding about the products and internalize the context in commercial processes.
While Alina Strecker will work in the HR department in the future, Elena Schofeld will remain with the company in purchasing, Eric Pinto in work preparation and Laurenz Hess in sales.

SPIR STAR® wishes all new employees a good start in their professional life and hopes for a continued good cooperation!

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La société SPIR STAR® AG est synonyme non seulement d’une qualité optimale de produit dans le domaine des tuyaux haute pression en thermoplastique, entièrement fabriqués en Allemagne, mais également d’une entreprise familiale de taille moyenne et active à l’échelle mondiale.

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