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Future Day at SPIR STAR

SPIR STAR gave young students the opportunity to get to know the company on Girls’ and Boys’ Day again this year.


The day started with a small round of getting to know each other – the students received a brief safety briefing and protective clothing for the subsequent tour of the production and assembly halls. There it was explained which tasks arise in the various departments.

The group then visited the technology department, where they were allowed to create their own mobile phone holder with a 3D printer and had the chance to look at a bee and a clockwork under a microscope.

After a tour of the office building, with a brief introduction to the various departments, the visitors were allowed to take a look at the warehouse and assembly line. The group signed a.o. Hose sleeves with your own name.

Finally, the shipping department explained its work and the students were able to watch a burst pressure test for thermoplastic high-pressure hoses.


At the end of the day, the participants reviewed the processes that take place from hose production to shipping.



SPIR STAR® AG 的软管完全在德国生产,其不仅代表着热塑高压软管领域的最高产品质量,也代表着一个中等规模、活跃于全球的家族企业。