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Global Meeting at SPIR STAR AG

In the course of the Global Meeting at SPIR STAR AG, the company looks back on an extremely productive week. Top experts from SPIR STAR AG, SPIR STAR LTD., SPIR STAR FRANCE SAS, SPIR STAR CHINA CO., LTD. and SPIR STAR ASIA PTE. LTD. met at the company’s headquarters in Germany to set the strategic direction for the future.


Throughout the week, not only was information exchanged on individual markets, but also collective expertise was pooled. The goal of this intensive meeting was to define the international strategic direction of SPIR STAR. This step should ensure that the company can better address the specific needs of its global customers in the high pressure market.


The importance of this week went beyond the purely business aspects. The meeting not only increased productivity, but also strengthened SPIR STAR’s international network. The close cooperation between the various subsidiaries was further intensified, positioning the company optimally for the future.


SPIR STAR AG would like to thank all participants for their dedication and expertise in making this week a complete success.



SPIR STAR® AG 的软管完全在德国生产,其不仅代表着热塑高压软管领域的最高产品质量,也代表着一个中等规模、活跃于全球的家族企业。