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Sustainability Experience at SPIR STAR

Last week, for the first time, a holiday program was held at the SPIR STAR company premises. Under the motto “Play, Learn, Experience Sustainability” our Environmental Management Officer Sabine Steinmann and our apprentice Noemi Link introduced the children from the Schule am Katzenberg to the concept of sustainability.

At four diverse stations, the children were able to explore the world of sustainability in a playful manner. For example, they painted stones in the shape of bees to emphasize the significance of these fascinating insects for the environment.
In another area, they demonstrated their knowledge of waste separation, achieving astonishing results. Furthermore, the children had the opportunity to plant cress in egg cartons and participate in an exciting scavenger hunt. As a crowning conclusion to the day, they received a small SPIR STAR Goody Bag as a reward.

We take pride in introducing young participants to the realm of sustainability and teaching important lessons about environmental protection.

Many thanks to all those involved who contributed to this inspiring day.



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