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Sales and assembly training for Stauff UK


Stauff UK, SPIR STAR’s long-term distribution partner, visited SPIR STAR’s headquarters in Rimbach-Mitlechtern to take part in a four-day sales and assembly training course.

For many years already, Stauff has been specializing in the development, production and the world-wide sales of hydraulic components for the construction of machinery and systems and has been SPIR STAR AG’s agency in the United Kingdom since 2009.

After their arrival and a short welcoming on Monday, the visitors could get a first impression of the company premises including the offices and the production halls on a tour of the company.  The first training courses started early on Tuesday morning and they were subdivided into an intensive assembly training part and a sales training part across the company’s product portfolio. The Stauff team was given a detailed insight into SPIR STAR’s various business areas. After the presentation of the image film and a general presentation of the company, the fields of application and the properties the SPIR STAR water-jetting hoses including the associated connectors were explained.
On Wednesday, the team’s training focused on SPIR STAR’s product portfolio covering the industrial segments of oil & gas and hydraulics. Test methods, inspection and test procedures as well as valves, tubing, couplers and fittings were part of the training day. On Thursday, the training ended with information about the automotive, hydrogen and sustainability areas.

Skarke GmbH, which has been a subsidiary of SPIR STAR AG since the beginning of business year 2022, also presented its company and product portfolio in a short presentation.

During the assembly training course, special attention was paid to the various test and inspection procedures and the assembly parameters to ensure that the company can continue to promise its customers the SPIR STAR quality they are used to.

The entire SPIR STAR team were very pleased about the visit and the constructive exchange with the Stauff UK team and are confidently looking forward to further long and good cooperation.



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