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SPIR STAR® AG establishes a sustainability team


Climate change, environmental protection, sustainability, CO2-neutral.

All these terms are present and call for action, both in private and professional environments.

SPIR STAR® is also facing up to these challenges and making its contribution in the area of sustainability. An internal sustainability team, the “Future Team,” was formed to work on this forward-looking issue. The team’s task is to identify problems relating to sustainability in the company, look for solutions and implement them together.

To kick things off, a sustainability workshop was held, which was led by an external sustainability consultant. The aim was to clarify the concept and area of “sustainability” to all participants and to jointly initiate the first actions for SPIR STAR® .

The team consists of employees from a wide range of specialist areas, so that problems from various segments of the company can be examined.

SPIR STAR® AG understands sustainability in the three dimensions: Ecology, Economy and Social / Societal.



SPIR STAR® AG 的软管完全在德国生产,其不仅代表着热塑高压软管领域的最高产品质量,也代表着一个中等规模、活跃于全球的家族企业。