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SPIR STAR AG takes part in the BASF company cup

This year’s BASF Company Cup on June 13th, 2023 at the Hockenheimring was an absolute highlight that inspired companies from the entire region.
A team from SPIR STAR AG was there again and not only enjoyed the running event, but also had a lot of fun.
The Hockenheimring, known for its fast-paced motorsport events, was transformed into a 4.8 km long running track for the company running cup.
Hundreds of participants from different companies were motivated to master the route and to prove their athletic ability.
The SPIR STAR AG team showed impressive stamina during the race. Every single runner and inline skater gave their best, so that in the end everyone could be proud of their achievement.
In addition to the sporting performance, the focus was on having fun together and sharing the experience.
The entire SPIR STAR AG team would like to thank the organizers for the successful event and is already looking forward to participating again next year.



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