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Hessian Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir visits SPIR STAR AG

The Hessian Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir visited SPIR STAR AG as a part of his summer tour. In particular, the topics of a climate-friendly and future-proof economy were debated. In addition, the importance of appropriate specialists was also discussed.

Mr. Al-Wazir came along with other representatives from politics, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Darmstadt and the local mayor.

SPIR STAR AG has continuously restructured its company premises in recent years. Among other things, photovoltaic systems and e-charging stations were installed – but biodiversity was also promoted through conversion measures. SPIR STAR was the first company in Germany to receive an award from the “Tausende Gärten – Tausende Arten” project for its transformation into a nature-friendly company.

You can find the detailed report by the Hessian Ministry of Economics under the following link:

Wirtschaftsminister Al-Wazir besucht SPIR STAR AG in Rimbach | wirtschaft.

Picture: © Marvin Fuchs / HMWEVW



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