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SPIR STAR® - future oriented-

At the beginning of the 2022 financial year, Skarke GmbH, as a new subsidiary of SPIR STAR® AG, takes over all business activities of the sole proprietorship "Skarke Ventilsysteme" and enters into all current orders, orders, agreements and contracts. Skarke GmbH…

Valve-Fitting-Tubing (VFT)

As a reliable partner of the high-pressure sector SPIR STAR® extend their product portfolio by adding high-pressure valves, adapters, tubes and couplers (VFT). More…

OnePiece Fittings®

The OnePiece Fittings® series was specifically developed for use in small-ID tubes. The crimping of the sleeve only negligibly enlarges the hose OD. More…

DuraLife Flex®

The approved and tested DuraLife Flex® high-tech hose is the ideal hose to use in pipe cleaning applications. More…

Blast-Pro® fitting

The Blast-Pro® fitting series was specifically developed for use in small-ID tubes which can e.g. be found in heat exchangers. More…

UHP®-Series (Ultra-High-Pressure)

The hose types of the UHP®-Series (Ultra-High-Pressure) are used up to 3,200 bar. More…


UHP Hoses and Hose Fittings

Your UHP Specialists

Our core business is the production of thermoplastic high pressure hoses with ID’s from 3 to 25 mm and working pressures up to 4.000 bar (58.000 psi).


Water-Blasting Technology

For water-blasting SPIR STAR® recommends thermoplastic high-pressure hoses reinforced with spiralized high-tensile steel.  SPIR STAR offers water-blast hoses with a maximum working pressure of up to 4.000 bar (safety factor of 2,5:1).


High-Pressure Hydraulics

SPIR STAR® thermoplastic high-pressure hoses are developed and produced for high working pressures up to 1.800 bar (safety factor 4:1). The hydraulic hoses are extremely durable and very flexible.




Oil & Gas

SPIR STAR® is your experienced manufacturer of high-pressure thermoplastic hoses. Especially for the Oil & Gas industry, SPIR STAR® has developed three special hose series.


Automotive Industry 

SPIR STAR’s Series-F hoses are the perfect solution for hot adhesive applications, as well as for use with two-component glues.