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Automotive industry

Thanks to our extensive experience in the production of ultra-high-pressure thermoplastic hoses, our products have been an integral part of the automotive industry for many years.

Fields of application

Due to the large number of applications in the automotive industry, our customers rely on universal hose types for high and low temperatures, which have a high chemical resistance.

Since adhesives have been an essential part of production in this industry for years, our hose solutions are used in the bonding and coating sectors, among others. Here, for example, glass panes are glued in place with the help of our hose products.

In addition, our PTFE hoses have been used to manufacture heated hose systems for several years.


Our hoses offer the perfect solution for various applications.

  • Foam systems: e.g. packing foam, PUR foam, 2K and 4K systems
  • Plastics processing: e.g. injection molding, co-extrusion, mold making
  • Plant engineering: e.g. tool heating, transfer hose
  • Petrochemicals: e.g. heavy oil systems, chemical production, liquid metals
  • Gluing technology: e.g. hotmelt equipment, gluing robots, hotmelt systems
  • Transport technology: e.g. loading and unloading hoses
  • Pipe cleaning: e.g. flushing systems, washing systems, steam cleaners
  • Surface treatment technology: e.g. paint spraying systems, bitumen systems
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