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SPIR STAR® ultra high pressure valves are specifically designed for liquid and gaseous media applications and are available with a wide variety of thread types as needle, ball, pressure relief or check valves. These range up to a maximum working pressure of 4,140 bar/ 60,000 psi and are made primarily of cold-forged stainless steel to withstand the high temperatures and pressures encountered in these applications.

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Needle valves

SPIR STAR® high pressure needle valves are manufactured to the highest quality standards, achieving high safety and durability even under severe operating conditions. The UHP valves can be used with both gaseous and liquid media and can be opened or closed in 4 ½ turns.

It should be emphasized here that SPIR STAR® AG can also offer fast-opening needle valves, which can be opened or closed in just 1 3/4 turns.

In addition, all SPIR STAR® high pressure needle valves allow flow in all directions. The innovative design reduces vibration, eliminating the need for an external clamp to secure the stam. Relief holes are also available.

Traceability is guaranteed at all times thanks to the marking on the high pressure valves. In addition, SPIR STAR® valves are supplied including collars and gland nuts.

In addition to the manually operated needle valves, SPIR STAR® AG also offers pneumatically operated needle valves.

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Ball valves

Since we attach great importance to the quality of our products, all SPIR STAR® high pressure ball valves are manufactured in the “trunnion style”. Due to the more complex technical design of the valve, a significantly longer service life can be achieved compared to other ball valves. It should also be emphasized that the valves can be offered with different orifices.

In addition, high pressure ball valves with pneumatic or electric actuation are possible.

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Check valves

SPIR STAR® high pressure check valves are characterized by their long service life and thus prevent backflow and damage in pressure systems. Here, SPIR STAR® AG offers both ball and O-ring check valves. While the O-ring check valve is often used in gas applications, the ball check valve is used in high temperature ranges and dynamic applications.

SPIR STAR - Höchstdruckventile - Höchstdruck Rückschlagventile - High-Pressure Valves - High-Pressure Check Valves

Relief valves, double block and bleed valves

In addition to the high pressure valves listed above, SPIR STAR® also offers pressure relief valves, which can prevent pressure peaks in systems. Customized double block and bleed valves and manifolds are also available upon request.

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