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High-Pressure Hydraulic

High-Pressure Hydraulic

Thanks to the flexibility of our hoses combined with their high operating pressures, our high-pressure hoses have become well established in ultra-high-pressure hydraulic applications for decades.

Fields of application

Thanks to innovative developments, we offer a wide range of hose types and connections for high-pressure applications in the hydraulic industry.

In addition, SPIR STAR® offers compatible high-pressure couplings for the hydraulic market in its range to complement the ultra-high-pressure hoses.

Typical applications in hydraulics in which our products are used include autofrettage, high-pressure forming technology, hydraulic assembly presses, dismantling of rolling bearings, rescue equipment or torsion-free tightening of bolt connections (bolt tensioning).


Our hoses offer the perfect solution for various applications in the industrial segment of ultra-high-pressure hydraulics.

Bolt tensioning

Bolt tensioning is the torsion- and friction-free tightening method in which bolts are hydraulically elongated and the nut is thus tightened without wear.

Since flexible hoses are usually used at high pressures in this application on the tool, SPIR STAR® hydraulic hoses are perfect for this type of load.

SPIR STAR - Höchstdruck Hydraulikschläuche Made in Germany High Pressure Hydraulic hoses made in Germany

Hydraulic torque wrenching

While manual torque wrenches reach their limits relatively quickly, significantly higher torques can be achieved with a hydraulically operated equivalent. This is where our hoses come into play on the tool. For the supply and discharge of hydraulic fluid, our customers use our double hoses in addition to the standard hoses.

Höchstdruck Hydraulikschläuche - Doppelschläuche - SPIR STAR high pressure hydraulic hoses - twin hoses


To complement our hydraulic hoses, SPIR STAR® also offers couplings for the hydraulic market.

SPIR STAR - Hochdruck Schnellverschlusskupplungen - Höchstdruck - Quick Disconnect Coupler

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