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Hydrogen industry

In order to preserve our environment and to promote renewable energy, SPIR STAR® has been an early advocate of hydrogen product solutions.

Fields of application

Hydrogen is a key element of both energy transition and mobility. SPIR STAR® has been offering innovative hoses for refueling with gaseous hydrogen since 2009.

Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, our hydrogen hoses have been successfully used in the hydrogen refueling of vehicles at 350 bar and 700 bar for years and are highly appreciated by our customers.

Thus, the hose type 6mmHydrogen is used for refueling cars directly at the gas pump between the coupling and the breakaway device. Due to the continuous technical development of the hydrogen hose, our type 6mmHydrogen is fully certified according to ISO 19880-5 and is therefore perfectly suitable for refueling processes according to SAE J2601.

In addition, SPIR STAR® can also offer transfer hoses with larger internal hose diameters for larger volume flows, which are used, for example, on H2 trailers but also for hydrogen refueling of ships and trains.

Wasserstofftankstelle mit Wasserstoffschlauch - H2 filling station with H2 hose

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