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Oil and gas industry

Whether in offshore hose bundles, methanol service applications or chemical injections, SPIR STAR® has the right high-pressure hose for your application.

Fields of application

In the oil and gas industry, high demands are placed on the quality, service life and chemical resistance of hose assemblies.

To meet these requirements, SPIR STAR® has developed special hose types for this industry.

In addition to the possibility of high working pressure, our ultra-high-pressure hoses have very low volumetric expansion, are light-weight and are highly resistant to external pressure. In addition, the SPIR STAR® product range includes hose types that are resistant even to extremely high temperatures (up to +150°C) and to a wide range of chemicals. The ability to manufacture hoses up to a length of 4,500 m is another reason why our ultra-high-pressure hoses are very popular with our customers.


Our oil and gas hoses are used in the following applications, among others:

  • Offshore hose bundles
  • Methanol service on platforms
  • Chemical injections at the borehole
  • Control of hydraulic components
  • Subsea BOP
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Valves, adapters & tubing

In addition to hose lines, SPIR STAR® offers a wide range of valves, adapters and tubing for the oil and gas market. Our connecting elements, which are made of stainless steel as a standard, also withstand a large number of chemicals and can therefore be used in a number of applications.

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