Waterjet industry

Waterjet industry

Product solutions in the waterjet industry require safe, robust, and durable hose assemblies. With our wide range of products, we have been a reliable and essential partner for our customers for decades.

Fields of application

A wide range of hose types and connections are available for the complex and demanding applications that occur in the industry. Our innovative developments offer the right waterjet hose for every purpose.


For decades, our hose types have been used in many different applications in the waterjet industry.

Pipe cleaning

Our hose assemblies are regularly used for cleaning work in pipes or heat exchangers.

Here, our customers rely on the OnePiece and Blast-Pro cleaning fittings specially developed for this application. The reduced fitting length compared to standard fittings makes work much easier, especially in pipe bends. In addition, these fittings have a smaller outer diameter, which means that hose types with a larger inner diameter and thus a higher volume flow can be used.

In order to reduce abrasion of the outer cover, SPIR STAR® has also developed a very robust hose cover, which significantly extends the service life of the hoses in use.

SPIR STAR Hochdruckschlauch bei der Wasserstrahl Rohrreinigung (Wärmetauscherreinigung) - SPIR STAR high-pressure hose in a tube cleaning applicationReinigungsarmatur für Höchstdruckschläuche in der Rohrreinigung - fittings for high-pressure hoses in tube cleaning applications

Surface finishing

Our hose assemblies are successfully used in surface treatments such as concrete renovation, facade and filter cleaning, as well as paint removal. In addition to the wide range of hose types for extremely high working pressures, SPIR STAR® also offers double outer covers as an option. This extends the useful life of the hose.

Höchstdruckanwendung: Wasserstrahl Bootentlackung High-Pressure Application: WaterblastingGrüner Schlauch 12911

Waterjet cutting

Since our hoses can be used up to a maximum of 4,000 bar / 58,000 psi, they are ideal for cutting applications in the paper or steel industry. Our high-pressure tubing and valves are also highly valued by our customers in this application.

SPIR STAR Wasserstrahlschlauch waterjet hose


We offer a wide range of hose fittings as well as a large selection of adaptation and connection options in order to connect the different types of hoses to each other or to be able to connect them to pumps. In addition to adapters, SPIR STAR® can also offer a variety of valves and couplers.

SPIR STAR - Höchstdruckadapter - Hochdruckadapter - High Pressure Adapter

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