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35 Years of SPIR STAR!

On January 16, 1989, we established ourselves as an independent company and commenced the production of our first thermoplastic high-pressure hoses. The company was founded by shareholders Werner Büchner, Walter de Graaf, Gerhard Strobach, and Hans-Jürgen Perkams. Our roots trace back to 1981 when the first lengths of hoses with wound steel wire pressure carriers were produced as part of PAPUREX GmbH, marking the origin of SPIR STAR hoses. In 1989, the high-pressure division of Papurex GmbH was spun off, and the independent SPIR STAR Druckschläuche GmbH was founded in Mörlenbach, Germany. Over the following years, we experienced continuous growth, leading to the construction of new production halls and office buildings at our current location in Rimbach-Mitlechtern in the early 2000s. Since then, the company premises have been continuously expanded. In order to effectively serve our international customers, SPIR STAR FRANCE SAS was founded in Haguenau, France in 1991, SPIR STAR LTD. in Houston, USA in 1995, SPIR STAR ASIA PTE. LTD. in Singapore in 1999, and SPIR STAR CHINA CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China in 2014. SPIR STAR AG specializes in the manufacture of thermoplastic high-pressure hoses ranging from 350 bar to 4,000 bar. In addition to the hose range, we offer high-pressure valves, adapters, tubes, and couplings up to a maximum of 4,140 bar. Every meter of SPIR STAR hose is exclusively produced at our location in Germany. In 2022, we acquired Skarke GmbH as a subsidiary. Skarke GmbH is renowned for its high-quality oil drain valves, ventilation screws, ventilation valves, air and oil filters, as well as oil dipsticks and oil level indicators.

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SPIR STAR® AG not only stands for the highest product quality in the field of ultra-high-pressure thermoplastic hoses, which are manufactured entirely in Germany, but also for a medium-sized, family-run and globally active company.

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