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Lecture on Biodiversity

Rimbach, November 16, 2023 – SPIR STAR AG actively advocates for the preservation of biodiversity and, in collaboration with the municipality of Rimbach, successfully organized an event under the theme “Promoting Biodiversity.” The Adam-Schmitt Hall, serving as the venue, was filled to capacity with around 70 participants.

The initiative began when Mr. Martin Herbst took notice of the award “1000 Gardens – 1000 Species” for SPIR STAR AG’s environmentally friendly company premises. As a recognized expert in species conservation, Mr. Herbst decided to deliver an inspiring lecture, made accessible to the public, to enhance awareness of the importance of biodiversity.

With an impressive track record of over 100 lectures on species conservation, Mr. Herbst presented numerous examples of how individuals can create a habitat conducive to native fauna and flora in their own gardens. His captivating presentation was illustrated with his own fascinating photographs.

SPIR STAR AG expresses sincere gratitude to Marion Jöst, the environmental representative of the municipality of Rimbach, and Sabine Steinmann, the environmental management representative of SPIR STAR AG, for their excellent organization. Special thanks are also extended to Mr. Herbst for his captivating contribution to the topic of species conservation.

With such initiatives and committed collaborations, SPIR STAR AG is making a strong statement for environmental protection and sustainable corporate responsibility.

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