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Skarke GmbH becomes part of the SPIR STAR® family


The internationally oriented company Skarke GmbH has stood for first-class service and innovative as well as reliable products for more than 30 years.

At the beginning of fiscal year 2022, Skarke GmbH, as a new subsidiary of SPIR STAR® AG, took over all business activities of the sole proprietorship “Skarke Ventilsysteme” and enters into all current orders, purchase orders as well as agreements and contracts.
The managing directors of Skarke GmbH are Ellen Skarke and Ralf Schmitt.

SPIR STAR® AG is pleased to be able to further expand its product portfolio with Skarke GmbH.

Skarke GmbH’s standard product lines include oil drain valves, oil drain plugs, breather valves, breather and ventilation filters, as well as oil dipsticks and oil gauges.
Here, the valves are used in fluid technology, oil coolant and fuel management, among other applications.

The series and special solutions find their application in many industries. These include the construction, agricultural and commercial vehicle industries, as well as engine, transmission and plant construction.

All work steps, from development, to sample production, to the manufacture of the end products are in the hands of Skarke GmbH. Thus, Skarke guarantees the delivery of an efficient and customer-oriented quality product.

More information about the company Skarke GmbH and its products can be found on the website You are also welcome to contact them directly at .

Skarke GmbH
Auf der Rut 4
64668 Rimbach

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